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April 13, 2009

Are a pair of high heels the new power tie?

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So I came across this post on Valley PR Blog by Linda Vandeverde called Heels are the new “Power Ties” in PR that I would love to share with you.

The author Linda Vandeverde mentions how high heels have gotten these days and makes a connection between  the working woman and her dress code (mainly heels).

Linda Vandeverde goes into the history of women and their revolution of fashion in the work force. It used to be that women wore suits with big shoulder pads, close toed shoes, pantyhose and a bowtie. Well today, men use there ties as a power statements where as more and more women are using their heels as “power weapons.” Vandeverde references Sarah Palin as one of the first female candidates that used heels to her advantage.

These high heels definitely do make a statement for a powerful woman just as a tie does for a man. Do you feel that this is a sexist view or that there is this expectation for powerful women to dress a certain way? How do you feel about the power tie analogy? I am still trying to decide myself. Let me know your thoughts.


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