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November 15, 2008

McDonalds- PR Gold

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I love that companies that are huge are big because they followed basic marketing rules.  I came across a blog on Communication Overtones about learning PR at McDonalds.  First of all, have you ever thought that you could go work at McDonalds for minimum wage and receive a life lesson on PR?  The way that McDonalds has become so big is simply because of consistancy.

If you go to a McDonalds in Oklahoma it will be identical to a McDonalds in Tokyo.  It is necessary to create a brand for your company or product.  You go to McDonalds and expect to get in and out- if you go through the drive through you expect it to take less than two minutes.  The reason that you expect that is because McDonalds has a 2 minute rule for the drive through, they even have a specfic order that they will hand your food to you when you pull up.  

If for some reason they are more crowded than any other day the employees have to immediately swtich into crisis management.  Then you think to yourself—does McDonalds really have to deal with crisis within the restaurant on a day to day basis?  Well for one thing- they have to be ready for anything and because they are ready for anything it will not be noticeable when they solve issues because they are thought through.  

All together I never really thought to highly of McDonalds, but that is mainly because their food is disgusting and not healthy ( I could go on…) so I never thought too far into the restaurant as a business.  The business side of McDonalds is genius.  Not many places could say that their companies present them selves and execute day to day business in North America as they do in Korea.  It is amazing how they have accomplished this and held onto it through branding.


October 24, 2008

PR on the brinks of a change

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In a post on PR Studies blogging site, Recession Proof PR, I was reading about the affect of the recession on the PR industry.  It was interesting because it was one of the first posts I have seen that look at all aspects.  They didn’t just discuss the industry for businesses but they also included Educators and Students in the analysis. 

For students they basically stated to not get frustrated that the baby boomer population maybe didn’t have all the right answers, but instead we could change how PR works.  I think that is very true.  Students that are graduating now have tons of ideas and ways to expand the industry just because of the way we all grew up, internet being developed in our years of learning, it lets us know that there are no limits on what we can do. 

In the section that the blogger wrote to teachers they basically instructed that teachers have to change their way of educating students.  The way they should change it to is to not be formatic about what they teach.  By this he means don’t explain the right and wrong ways to do things, but rather explain the ideas of things and have students develop their own opinion on things.  The author said that this could get confusing to a student, which I agree.  I already get frustrated in class when I don’t understand something and it takes days to finally get but I couldn’t imagine if the teacher was PURPOSEFULLY doing this to students.  It almost seems like it should go against the code of a teacher, not sure if there is a code of teachers, but I hope you get what I mean. 

Finally, the author talked about the businesses dealing with PR, which we have all heard about before.  It seems like the recession won’t give PR a bad wrap at all, rather just not much business for a bit.  In the end it will roll back around where businesses need PR agencies to re-establish businesses legitimacy in order to maintain respect. 

It seems like things will be a little backwards for a bit, but in the end things will straighten out and maybe even improve with the new faces going into the industry with fresh ideas.

October 9, 2008

Who is part of the media?

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Have you ever actually wondered who the media is?  Sure we are exposed to the radio, television, newspaper everyday, but is there something beyond that?  On PR Squared I found a posting that discussed who exactly the media is composed of.  The reason you use media is to get information, hopefully creditable information.  The media uses the Internet to relay their information to a bigger audience by posting videos and articles, etc.  Where does the line stop on who is a medium?  What I am trying to get at is, are bloggers a medium?  Bloggers are credible most of the time.  Bloggers are people who are passionate about a certain topic and they research their information and have strong opinions on each topic they discuss.  It is hard not to fall into their opinions and agree with them, the passion grabs you and sometimes makes you take part in their point of view.  I wonder if at one point bloggers will become a main part of a legitimate way to collect information.  Of course there are different types of bloggers, but there is also different types of news sources that might not be considered media exactly.  It is just weird to look into the future to see how things can possibly change in the world and the way we obtain information and use it, as well as how we classify it in our lives.

September 26, 2008

Social Networks and Word of Mouth

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It is crazy how fast news can travel.  Trenton (the “T” of TALLfore) sent me an article about the power of Twitter.  This article was linked to WordPress but originated from the CEO’s journal entry on Thomas Nelson Publishers direct site.

The core idea that is provided in the posts is a story of UHaul not treating a customer appropriately.  The customer who was treated badly, later posted on Twitter how terrible their experience with UHaul was. In the Twitter post they also went on to say how great Penske was when they went there instead.  UHaul’s sales made a dramatic drop that day all because of this one post.  

The guy who posted on Twitter about UHaul had over 1,500 followers.  Those followers more than likely told someone and the trend continued all the way until right now.  Now I am writing about it on wordpress and anyone with internet access can get to this post to find out that UHaul treated a customer terrible and that customer would never refer their services again.  I am shocked that a networking site (Twitter) can absolutely help a business or even destroy one!  

A few semesters ago I was in a small business marketing class and we were talking about word of mouth and how vital it is to a company, no matter if its large or small.  For some reason people like to focus on the bad things that happen to them, so if someone runs into a problem with a specific business it is likely that they will tell 30 people about their experience.  If someone has a good experience they will tell two people, if any.  

So this goes to show that social networks are now increasing all of the possibilities of word of mouth.  In the end probably because of the growth of the internet UHaul, I’m sure, had a lot of crisis management to deal with!

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