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November 18, 2008

Why it pays to be a geek in PR

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While browsing the blogosphere, I came across a blog posted on The New PR, titled “Why it pays to be a geek in PR.” The title alone captured my attention, thus I read on.

In this blog, Ryan Anderson explains why it is crucial to have a thirst for knowledge in the field of PR. He compares PR to a game of chess, pointing out that in order to create an effective strategy, you must know how all the tools work together, just like in order to win a game of chess, it is valuable to know which way the pieces move in relation to each other.

Anderson offers helpful advice for those of us soon to be graduates breaking into the PR scene. He says that our best investment in our future is being a geek, which translates to understanding all the facets of PR and mastering all the skills incorporated in PR, not just being an expert in one area.

As graduation, and inevitably the real world, inches closer, I find this rather simple suggestion incredibly useful. In my past internships, I have interacted with PR professionals whose resume may be stellar, but only in one particular field. I have come across industry leaders who specialize in a particular area of PR and leave the rest to the other experts who excel in different areas. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I┬áthink that having a broader understanding and mastery of all skills in PR rather than just focusing on a specific component and exceeding at it, is much more beneficial to you, your employer and your career.

What is your opinion on this? Do you find it more benefitting in PR to dedicate your expertise to one particular area of the industry, or do you feel that expanding your skillset to all fields of PR is more advantageous?


November 3, 2008

This week’s posting ideas

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I will be coming back to this post as I come across more suggestions, so check back here if you’re looking for ideas.

I would love for someone to post about the Pepsi rebranding campaign, which is being discussed all over the PR/marketing blogosphere. Be sure to follow at least a few of the links in that post to get a variety of perspectives (read the comments, too: very… enlightening).

Still on a branding theme, Frank Shaw over at Glass House reflects on brittle brands, especially related to political campaigns. (Warning: political content, although not heavily partisan.)

Kami Huyse at Communication Overtones reminds us that social media are not the be-all and end-all of PR practice: strategy is the key to communication success. Make sure to watch her SlideShare presentation as well: one of you is quoted (and linked, of course, for attribution).

Clemson PR student Cara Mitchell uses stakeholder theory (which we have also discussed in class) to examine the way Comcast uses Twitter. Definitely worth reading, and an excellent example of a student blog post.

Slate Magazine lists the 9 worst press releases it received on Election Day.

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