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March 15, 2009

Publicity vs PR

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So I came across a post on Seth Godin’s Blog called “The Difference Between PR and Publicity” and found it extremely interesting. I guess I have never really sat down and thought to myself that maybe these two words could mean different things. I just assumed that PR practitioners create publicity and that was about it. However, after reading this blog I have found that maybe there is a bit more to it.

Seth Godin says that most PR firms  “do publicity” not PR. He says that publicity is getting ink for your client. It’s about getting unpaid media to draw attention to you, point to you, write you up and cause commotion. Where as PR is the crafting of your story and “focused examination of  your  interactions and tactics and products and pricing that, when combined determine how people talk to you.”

He mentions the work of the Silicon Valley  Marketing Guru Regis McKenna, who got Steve Jobs and the Mac on the cover of more than 30 magazine covers the year it was launched. Godin notes that this was great publicity however, the brilliant PR was in the crafting of the story of the Mac.

According to Godin, a publicity firm will tell you how they got a client ink. Whereas, a PR firm will tell you how they spread their client’s story through great storytelling. He says they might even suggest you not bother getting ink or even issuing a press release.

Now that you have heard Seth Godin’s separate definitions of PR and Publicity what do you think about these two words? Did you know that there was such a dividing line between the two? And do you agree that PR practitioners, who’s jobs are to tell stories, might suggest not to bother  with issuing press releases?


October 11, 2008

The Art of Presenting

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 After hundreds of times going in front of a group, whether small or large, I seem to always get an intense amount of stage fright overwhelm me at the very thought of a presentation.  My normally calm, outgoing self always seems to be lost amongst the faces staring back at me.  Thus, you could only imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon an article entitled “Advice for conference presenters: Be like Steve.”  It explains everything one needs to know about how not to lose yourself when you conduct a presentation, and logically enough, uses Steve Jobs as a positive example of a phenomenol presenter who remains calm and collected in each presentation.  While nerves and anxiety can get the best of anyone, by remembering some simple tips, anyone can master the art of performing in an individualized way.

Some notable things that I would like to mention from the article were to practice. Yes, it may seem quite obvious, however, you’d be surprised by how helpful it can actually be to over prepare yourself.  Also, one thing I found to be quite interesting is to save the best for last.  While many people find themselves bored by the end of presentations, having a little extra surprise at the end helps to draw the audience back in and makes a lasting impression. “Sell the benefit” was another important point the author made.  This means to always ask yourself, who cares? why is it important?

Thus, the next time you find yourself at the front of the room, remember these few simple steps and you will be a hit!

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