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April 6, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand clients

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I was reading through a few PR blogs when I ran across Seth Godin’s ( a marketing expert and author) blog entitled The Power of a Tiny Picture. In this blog he discusses how you picture can either make or break  your first impression you leave on people.  He says after browsing through many photos he developed suggestions for how to make you photograph into a great first impression. He has a few suggestions for what your picture should look like.

Here are a few:

  • Use a professional looking photo
  • Have normal background
  • Don’t wear a hat (and if you do make it a good hat)
  • Avoid having significant others in the photo. People are looking for you and not for them.
  • Look Happy
  • Don’t have a weird picture that is not of you (like a cartoon or object)
  • Cropping makes a photo look professional

Since this class I have been really focusing on my social media knowledge because the importance of the knowledge is growing. I was interviewing for internships last week, and all the potential employers wanted to hear about my social media skills.

This whole facebook picture idea shocked me. My first reaction was, “who cares.” But then I thought about how some of the pretty weird facebook profile pictures I  have seen.  I laugh at some of them because they are clever, but others I am confused or shocked. Imagine you are a potential client. You are thinking about hiring a new PR agent and you google their name and their facebook picture shows up. What if their picture is weird, unprofessional or risque? Would you second guess your decision of hiring them? I think I might.

I must be honest my profile picture on both facebook and twitter do not fit some Seth’s points. (I don’t think I will change it any time soon.)

I posted this blog to see what you guys think. How important do you think a facebook picture is? Would your opinion change if you owned your own PR firm, or knew your potential employers and clients were checking out your page?


March 15, 2009

Publicity vs PR

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So I came across a post on Seth Godin’s Blog called “The Difference Between PR and Publicity” and found it extremely interesting. I guess I have never really sat down and thought to myself that maybe these two words could mean different things. I just assumed that PR practitioners create publicity and that was about it. However, after reading this blog I have found that maybe there is a bit more to it.

Seth Godin says that most PR firms  “do publicity” not PR. He says that publicity is getting ink for your client. It’s about getting unpaid media to draw attention to you, point to you, write you up and cause commotion. Where as PR is the crafting of your story and “focused examination of  your  interactions and tactics and products and pricing that, when combined determine how people talk to you.”

He mentions the work of the Silicon Valley  Marketing Guru Regis McKenna, who got Steve Jobs and the Mac on the cover of more than 30 magazine covers the year it was launched. Godin notes that this was great publicity however, the brilliant PR was in the crafting of the story of the Mac.

According to Godin, a publicity firm will tell you how they got a client ink. Whereas, a PR firm will tell you how they spread their client’s story through great storytelling. He says they might even suggest you not bother getting ink or even issuing a press release.

Now that you have heard Seth Godin’s separate definitions of PR and Publicity what do you think about these two words? Did you know that there was such a dividing line between the two? And do you agree that PR practitioners, who’s jobs are to tell stories, might suggest not to bother  with issuing press releases?

February 23, 2009

Marketing is Evil, and PR practioners are Spin Doctors

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When people ask me my major, and I answer, “public relations”  some look at me like I just said, “I am majoring in shooting puppies.” I believe the image of public relations and marketing is getting better, but the history of negative feelings toward our field will be hard to change.

In Seth Godin’s Blog “Is Marketing Evil?” Godi, a marketing expert and a well-know author, explains how marketing can be used for evil, but is not evil. He  admits that marketing is powerful and can cause evil, but that is not marketing’s fault. The fault is at those using marketing for evil.  It is the craftsman not the tool, he states. Godin says that marketers should think about how their actions will impact society. He explains even though you may be doing your job, does not make what you are doing right. Just because you can market something does not mean you should.

Godin goes on explain how marketing can be a beautiful thing. How it can encourage people to do or purchase things that will make their lives better. Marketing can be used as positive infleunce for people to make informed decisions.

This article was written in response to a Time magazine blog, where the writer said you would probably never see Godin writing an article about marketing being evil.  Well, Godin wanted to prove him wrong.

Working the PR and marketing fields we will have great power. We will (hopefully) influence many people with our campaigns. OK, I have to quote Spiderman (sorry I know this is so cliche) “with power comes great responsibility.” Overused but true. Ethics in our field are important. It may be tempting to make a million by selling your ethical principals along with your soul, but be the bigger person. We may have clients that want us to pitch ideas. We have to think about the impact this decision would, and decided whether it is ethical or not. In the end we will impact the way people think, and we do not want to be evil spin doctors.

We are not “puppy killing practioners” so lets not have people looking at us like we are. As Godin explained marketing can be something beautiful, and I think that is what we should always strive for.

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