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September 18, 2008

Measuring and Persuading Public Opinion

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By Iris Public Relations

Public opinion not only determines how successful a PR campaign ultimately is, but also dictates how PR firms get their message across. The fifth edition of Strategic Communications Planning says, “Public opinion is the collection of beliefs, attitudes, and opinions expressed by the majority of individuals within a particular group or public about an issue or topic of interest to them” (Ogden & Wilson, p.20). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand how many different point-of-views there are in the world. There are multiple forms of media that portray how many split views there can be, movies being one of them.

It is important to know how varied public opinion can be. This clip from the movie The Boondock Saints shows the public’s immediate reaction to a group of vigilantes who kill mob members on their spare time. One point that is apparent while watching this is that many people refuse to comment. A problem many PR firms encounter is not being able to adequately assess their targeted public’s opinion. This clip can help serve as a miniature research method gauging behaviors of people who are confronted with controversial questions regarding events concerning them.


A brave new world of research?

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Over in the blog for the Social Media and PR class at St. Edward’s, a recent post pointed to some discussions about whether traditional consumer research is dying. Some believe that careful monitoring of online communities, populated by consumers interacting in “natural” ways without the forced guidance of surveys or focus groups, replace established ways of gathering information.

After reading the pieces linked from the above post, what do you think?

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