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November 7, 2008

PR and the public good

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With so much emphasis on Public Relations as “spin,” only used to make bad situations appear better than they are, I found an interesting post about Public Relations being used to contribute to the public good. On the PR Studies blog, Richard Bailey discusses his attendance at a police public relations conference. As Bailey says, these PR¬†practitioners work everyday on crime reduction and don’t have to go chasing headlines. He discusses some of the work that was impressive to him, such as a broadcast journalists video of a victim with fireworks burns. The video received thousands of hits when it was uploaded to youtube. In my opinion, PR is constantly used in ways to contribute to the public good. Many times, these uses of PR are overlooked. Somehow people emphasize the ways in which they think PR was misused or abused. Do you think PR is used frequently enough for the public good? If so, why is it not shown in this light and what could be done to change the public’s perception of PR?


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