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March 23, 2009

Twitter all you want, but remember people can see you

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Twitter has really taken this nation by storm. It seems like ever since we learned about this “twitter” in PR class that is all people can talk about.  I find myself browsing people’s tweets constantly finding it entertaining and useful. Twitter is such a great place to market, network and research.

Two of my family members find twitter is creepy, and they are constantly sending me articles about why I should not Twitter.

So I was not surprised when I checked my email this morning and found:

Twitter gets you fired in 140 characters or less.

The email linked me to a MSNBC article written by Helen Popkin that described how one person’s tweet got him fired.

This got me thinking, “How can people be so silly?” Of course your employers are searching the web!

This guy in the article tweeted, “Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.” Of course the company found the tweet, and was not very happy.

Even though twitter is a great place to express how you feel it also a place where companies can see what you feel.

Then I was reading PR blogs for class, and I found PR Squared’s, a PR group who specializes in social media and marketing, blog posting “Twitter Rule #2 Remember that you are being watched.”

This blog brought up many great points. When we are working for clients, companies, etc. we have to keep in  mind what we post may come back to haunt us.  They discuss how if you are upset do not tweet something you will regret because what if a client sees it and reports it to your boss? Or what if a reporter sees? Do you really want something like that in an article?

Twitter is a fun social network site, but we have to keep in mind we are professionals. We take down our myspace and facebook photos that are not appropriate, and now we need to make sure we only tweet things our future bosses or clients would not be embrassed or angered to read.


September 16, 2008

Viral Videos, the Next New Thing in PR?

God, I hope not!

In the PR Squared blog by Todd Defren done this past Friday, viral marketing was the topic of the day. This link will take you too the site, PR Squared-Viral Videos. As stated in the blog, this latest craze seems to be the way to go for movies and other new media. However, it leaves something to be desired as far as ethics goes.

The fact that he carried on a relationship for 3 months with this girl, built up this idea in her head and even went as far as meeting her parents and have her start hinting about marriage–is that really ok? I know this is not real, but I have seen other viral videos and people do whatever they can to get people to watch them and get hits. Sites like and have become hotbeds of activity for the latest great Internet video.

I know in class we are being exposed to the various new online media outlets, but if this is truly where PR is headed, then I am slightly nervous. I understand that this is satirical, but people already negatively connote our industry at times–labeling us as spin-doctors. I definitely do not think that using media in this way is going to positively affect our image. What is the point of hiring someone with a PR degree if anyone can just post videos and market and promote something? I guess people already can do this, but it is our degree and knowledge that gives us the edge? But if we start resorting to viral media, then what is the point? We have “stooped” to the level of the amateur, so to speak.

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