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April 13, 2009

Give me a “P,” give me a “R.” GO PR!

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Two weeks ago, Diane Schwartz, wrote a blog on the PR News Blog about a new advocacy campaign launched by PR News called “It’s the PR.” The campaign is basically designed to show that the public relations field influences everyone and to give a forum for PR professionals to discuss campaigns that have worked for them.

When I first saw this, I laughed to myself because I pictured it as a cheerleading site for the PR field. Then I began my job search. As most of us are seniors, we all know the pressures of trying to find a job after graduation. My plan is to move to New York and I was told by a professional in the industry that finding a job in New York would be easy because there are always job PR job posting for New York. In my search thus far, that could not be any farther than the truth.

With graduation a month away, I am starting to freak out that there will be no job openings for me. Am I going to be one of the many graduates who end up in a field that has nothing to do with their degree?  Is the state of the economy really going to affect PR and similar fields?

With all these questions and fears beginning to build up, I began to think about the “It’s the PR” campaign in a new light. Personally, I could use a cheerleader keeping me in high spirits¬†during my job search. Sometimes all it takes is a little change in perspective to show the worth of something. I’m happy to say that I will be checking in on the campaign regularly and hope to get a job so I can also add to it!


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