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April 6, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand clients

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I was reading through a few PR blogs when I ran across Seth Godin’s ( a marketing expert and author) blog entitled The Power of a Tiny Picture. In this blog he discusses how you picture can either make or break  your first impression you leave on people.  He says after browsing through many photos he developed suggestions for how to make you photograph into a great first impression. He has a few suggestions for what your picture should look like.

Here are a few:

  • Use a professional looking photo
  • Have normal background
  • Don’t wear a hat (and if you do make it a good hat)
  • Avoid having significant others in the photo. People are looking for you and not for them.
  • Look Happy
  • Don’t have a weird picture that is not of you (like a cartoon or object)
  • Cropping makes a photo look professional

Since this class I have been really focusing on my social media knowledge because the importance of the knowledge is growing. I was interviewing for internships last week, and all the potential employers wanted to hear about my social media skills.

This whole facebook picture idea shocked me. My first reaction was, “who cares.” But then I thought about how some of the pretty weird facebook profile pictures I  have seen.  I laugh at some of them because they are clever, but others I am confused or shocked. Imagine you are a potential client. You are thinking about hiring a new PR agent and you google their name and their facebook picture shows up. What if their picture is weird, unprofessional or risque? Would you second guess your decision of hiring them? I think I might.

I must be honest my profile picture on both facebook and twitter do not fit some Seth’s points. (I don’t think I will change it any time soon.)

I posted this blog to see what you guys think. How important do you think a facebook picture is? Would your opinion change if you owned your own PR firm, or knew your potential employers and clients were checking out your page?


October 30, 2008

Pictures are worth a thousand words

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As we enter the world of PR, it is very important to know what’s gong on not only in our immediate society, but the world around us. Whether you choose to practice PR locally or internationally, it’s important to be aware of as much that’s going on that we can. Although in Kristen Ashburn’s presentation she rarely talks, I think it’s a good point to bring up as we begin to work on our own presentations for this class and learn traits to use in this profession. This presentation contains many graphic pictures from her trip to Africa. The message here is to make us aware of the Aids epidemic in Africa. Kristen, from the beginning speaks softly; however, she gives a serious mood to the presentation. The reason I love this presentation is because there is about a minute of nothing but silence and pictures scrolling. The pictures themselves speak louder than any statistics or facts she could be saying. I thought this was a creative and influential way to do a presentation and have the message loud and clear. In a book by Garr Reynolds called Presentation Zen, he talks about how to have an effective presentation. One thing he mentioned that made me choose this presentation was when you use Power Point, you always want to incorporate stories. Can you think about your own client and come up with any stories for your presentation? Do you think having the right picture in a presentation can say more than anything you can say? Look at this presentation and think of what you can take from it. 

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