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March 29, 2009


It is a sad fact, but money controls the world. People and organizations may try to fool us, but the ones that do not care about the bottom line will cease to exist in a capitalistic society.

Public relations people often forget about money. They think in terms of reputation, crisis management and brand loyalty. What do companies with excellent reputations, crisis management and brand loyalty all have in common? They make money consistently.

Let’s take a recent crisis management example from the sports world (sorry ladies).

The Denver Broncos recently hired a new head coach, Josh McDaniels. McDaniels, a former assistant with the New England Patriots, had an opportunity to trade for his old quarterback, Matt Cassell.

The trade fell through for whatever reason and the news got back to current Bronco quarterback, Jay Cutler.

Cutler was upset. He has demanded a trade after finding out he was almost traded (ironic, I know).

The Broncos admitted they considered trading their quarterback, but now claim Cutler is their man (for now).

Now Cutler has decided to not attend some non-mandatory work-outs and his cocky attitude has other teams concerned about his mentality (who could potentially trade for him).

People in football understand that winning is everything. Cutler may have gone to the pro bowl last year, but the Broncos were mediocre and missed the playoffs.

Cassell (the man Cutler was almost traded for), lead his team to a 11-5 record. That mark would have earned the Broncos a playoff spot. The Broncos would have been able to receive more players or draft picks in a Cutler/Cassell trade and would have been able to improve the team in other areas of need.

The Broncos saw an opportunity where they could have a winning quarterback and address other issues with the team quickly. This move could have gotten the Broncos back to the playoffs quicker and won them more games.

This would bring in additional ticket and merchandise sales, making the franchise more money.

Cutler needs to toughen up and realize his actions probably will cost him money when his contract is up. No one likes a whiny quarterback, especially one who can’t see reasoning behind winning faster.

The Broncos admitted their actions and their reasoning.

A blog from Yahoo Sports writer Charles Robinson claims the ball is in Cutler’s court and the Broncos have made their position known (Cutler is our man unless something better comes along).

Although the true winner of this PR mess is yet to be determined, it reaffirms that smart companies will try to do what it thinks is best for itself. These actions may be at the expense of some stakeholders, like employees.


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