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September 12, 2008

The Evolution of Public Relations

The idea of Public Relations in the United States is not the same everywhere else, but studies have found that an important common theme exists: social responsibility.

This article on PR Conversations discusses the third edition of the book from the Institute of Public Relations, The Evolution of Public Relations: Case Studies from Countries in Transition. The book contains cases and briefs from authors located in 13 different countries. The idea is that teachers, students and working professionals can learn from case studies developed all over the world, not only in westernized markets. The editor on the Institute’s blog was quoted as saying:

“…we’re seeing a growing understanding of governments, companies and NGOs that public relations is truly a strategic function. That’s a very good sign for the development of public relations as a global profession.”

The book stresses the importance of knowing cultural, social, political and economic differences among countries, and recognizes the field of PR to be one of the world’s fastest growing professions and areas of study, despite global differences in its practice and teaching. Do you agree with the idea that social responsibility is a common theme in Public Relations all over the world? Should it be? Due to the number of cultural differences in personal and professional relationships, what issues do you see that Public Relations professionals working on a global scale need to overcome?

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