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November 20, 2008

The Future of Public Relations

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As I sat down to write this blog post tonight I had no idea what topic I wanted to delve into. Having attended the side-panel earlier today I was inspired by the notion of how the mediascape is changing and how we as professionals cannot ONLY change with it, we must also be able to use it to our advantage. Interested in how the future of public relations was viewed by others, I did a quick search and found a post on Edelman’s blog called, “Is Public Relations Ready for Discontinuous Change?”. The interesting thing about many of the articles I found when I ran my search was that they all discuss the changing media landscape. This is a time where people are utilizing tools like Google, Tivo, and online news services. In an era where it has ever been easier to create and consume information what does the future of PR look like? Most of us will be graduating within the next year and we’ve got to recognize that with all the changes occurring in our field and in the economy in general increased emphasis will be placed on cost to businesses. Edelman argues that one way to take advantage of the emerging media scape is to use the web to our advantage. We can have direct conversations with key stakeholder groups, garner feedback, and influence many through blogs. Edelman also argues for the idea of experimenting and even considers adding video clips to press releases as they are sent out. My question is, understanding the influence that using the web can have, why don’t many companies have blogs? And why don’t more PR companies automatically turn to the web when coming up with tactics for their clients?


October 24, 2008

Should company blogging have rules?

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When we first started blogging for this class I wondered to myself if there were any type of rules or codes that I had to follow when blogging. Well this week one of my friends told me that the company he interns for askedĀ  him to write and comment on particularĀ  blogs. The interesting thing about this, is they told him to write the blog as if he was an authority on the issue that he was blogging about. He was so disturbed by this that he went to one of his professors and asked what he should do. Clearly this is an ethical dilemma, but when someone is cutting your checks do you challenge their assignment? Do you think blogging is a big enough deal to have an ehtics code? I did a little research and came across this article that not only gives specific examples of ethical/unethical blogging scenarios, but also rules for bloggers to adhere to. Rule number one is, “I will tell the truth.” I personally believe that PR professionals should take blogging rules just as seriously as they would the PRSA code of ethics, no matter what position they hold with a company. Usually if you don’t have a good feeling about something, you shouldn’t be doing it.

September 19, 2008

Blogging for riches?

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To begin with, I am thinking about blogging in general. My thoughts on blogging is that it is not for everyone, you really have to be good at writing and beyond that you have to be a compelling writer to create a following. I came across an article on Communication Overtones about money and fame in blogging. I thought to myself, do people really get into blogging by going “hey I could totally be Perez Hilton one day?” Do they actually have the passion and skill to deliver information to people by finding a way to share their talent, and that turns out to be by blogging? I didn’t realize how big of an interest blogging was until this class, before when I thought of blogging I thought of My Space and celebrity bloggers, like Perez, now I think on a whole new level.

My main questions is, if people are really out there just to make tons of money or even find fame among blogging is it really because they want to blog? It seems that if you are going to make this huge lifestyle change to follow a specific topic (celebrities, PR ideas,etc.) then you must really like it right? Or does someone actually do it just because they think they will become huge, although there are over 70 million blogs out there, it almost seems impossible to be successful if you aren’t talented.

My main point is that I can’t believe people actually are out there just to find fame or become rich off of it when it is more of a networking thing. It seems like it could be a fun hobby by looking for blogs that interest you and reading/posting on them but the information has to come from somewhere and it has to be reliable–basically you need to have some sort of significance behind your blogging and I don’t think people who are out for fame and money will have the actual desire to want to impact a specific topic.

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