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November 20, 2008

Technology becoming something to master

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With social media becoming more and more a part of the PR profession, the mastering of technology is a must. With new advancements in technology happening everyday how is one to keep up with all of it? In a recent blog post on PRsquared by


October 17, 2008

How to Doom a Career in PR

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In Kristen E. Sukalac’s post, “I Haven’t Got Time” or How to Doom a PR Career, posted in the PR Conversations blog, she discusses ways that a PR professional sets themselves up for failure.  She says that while many PR professionals say that they joined the field because of networking opportunities, career development and following best practice, the majority do not attend events or take advantage of online resources because they claim they just do not have the time.

She points out that even though there are obviously a limited number of hours in a day, the leading professionals in our field somehow find the time to do it all.  Being an engaged and involved member in our field, rather than an add-on can actually be a time saving advantage because it improves your career prospects and makes you better at your job.  Both of these things are motivators that will help you find the time you need to get the most done and in turn, make you successful in your position.

She also provides a few interesting examples of how devoting more time to the different aspects related to our field, you will ensure personal success in your career.

October 9, 2008

Who is part of the media?

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Have you ever actually wondered who the media is?  Sure we are exposed to the radio, television, newspaper everyday, but is there something beyond that?  On PR Squared I found a posting that discussed who exactly the media is composed of.  The reason you use media is to get information, hopefully creditable information.  The media uses the Internet to relay their information to a bigger audience by posting videos and articles, etc.  Where does the line stop on who is a medium?  What I am trying to get at is, are bloggers a medium?  Bloggers are credible most of the time.  Bloggers are people who are passionate about a certain topic and they research their information and have strong opinions on each topic they discuss.  It is hard not to fall into their opinions and agree with them, the passion grabs you and sometimes makes you take part in their point of view.  I wonder if at one point bloggers will become a main part of a legitimate way to collect information.  Of course there are different types of bloggers, but there is also different types of news sources that might not be considered media exactly.  It is just weird to look into the future to see how things can possibly change in the world and the way we obtain information and use it, as well as how we classify it in our lives.

October 5, 2008

Social Media, and Why It’s Here to Stay

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Over at my favorite PR blog, PR 2.0, run by my favorite blogger (so far) Brian Solis comes a great and informing article about the future of social media.

We have all been talking about social media. Twitter, digg, etc. Its not going away. Nor should it. As budding PR professionals, we need to adapt to the changing environment. Brian Solis does a fine job of putting it in perspective. Things are changing. Constantly. And more people are finally realizing it. In his blog he reported how blogging is finally being recognized and becoming mainstream, based off a report by Technorati.

This is a long blog that deserves a full read. The “conversation prism” will be recognizable to a lot of people and his attached post is informative as well.

Brian makes a point to say “Social media is about people and not the tools.” He also writes about how our generation is growing up in these networking savvy era. But I find that a lot of people in my various classes still find the foundations of social networking, aside from Myspace and Facebook, to be challenging. How have you adapted and come to understand new mediums like blogs and social networks?


September 19, 2008

Blogging for riches?

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To begin with, I am thinking about blogging in general. My thoughts on blogging is that it is not for everyone, you really have to be good at writing and beyond that you have to be a compelling writer to create a following. I came across an article on Communication Overtones about money and fame in blogging. I thought to myself, do people really get into blogging by going “hey I could totally be Perez Hilton one day?” Do they actually have the passion and skill to deliver information to people by finding a way to share their talent, and that turns out to be by blogging? I didn’t realize how big of an interest blogging was until this class, before when I thought of blogging I thought of My Space and celebrity bloggers, like Perez, now I think on a whole new level.

My main questions is, if people are really out there just to make tons of money or even find fame among blogging is it really because they want to blog? It seems that if you are going to make this huge lifestyle change to follow a specific topic (celebrities, PR ideas,etc.) then you must really like it right? Or does someone actually do it just because they think they will become huge, although there are over 70 million blogs out there, it almost seems impossible to be successful if you aren’t talented.

My main point is that I can’t believe people actually are out there just to find fame or become rich off of it when it is more of a networking thing. It seems like it could be a fun hobby by looking for blogs that interest you and reading/posting on them but the information has to come from somewhere and it has to be reliable–basically you need to have some sort of significance behind your blogging and I don’t think people who are out for fame and money will have the actual desire to want to impact a specific topic.

September 10, 2008

Why time is important… You always have enough if you try

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In her blog post on PR conversations, Kristen E. Sukalac says, “Imagine if your family doctor said, “I’ve decided to specialize in cardiovascular disease, but I don’t have time to read the medical literature before getting started.” This quote I think sums up a huge problem in the PR industry.

In PR, or in any other job, there always seems to be something new that has to be done or an event that has to be attended. Recently, however, a recent post on PR conversations shows that it seems more and more people are claiming they do not have enough time to fulfil the duties of their jobs. To say that they do not have time though can be detrimental to their job. Most top level executives, or people who take pride in their jobs and want to advance in them, find the time needed to do anything at any cost. That is the mindset PR professionals need to get in to. Finding time to network, one reason people get into this profession in the first place, or to try to improve the quality of the company you work for by being involved instead of dead weight just showing up everyday is important in this field. If people continue to say they don’t have enough time they are going to end up with a lot more of it when they are let go from their jobs for their lack of effort.


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